These games are 100% FREE.  You don't need to sign-up or subscribe, you don't need to buy anything, and you sure as shit don't need to give out any personal information. 

     All of these games are "hobby made", and none have any notation as being affiliated or official in any way.

What are Hobby Made games?

Hobby made games are just as it suggests; made as a hobby.  More of a "labor of love" than a "labor of profit".  Since nearly all of them use copyrighted and/or trademarked  IP assets, it means all of the content I offer is 100% No Bullshit FREE

No registering with personal information, no subscription to anything, and certainly no having to purchase anything WHATSOMUTHAFUCKINEVER.  Simply point, click, download, kiss printer ink good-bye, print, and enjoy!

So please, feel free to look around at what I offer.  Maybe give one a try!  You never know, you might surprise yourself and actually enjoy one of them!!















September 15, 2020...The v1.35 Update Build for the Gammarauders (et)RPG has been posted.  Since all new stuff will run off this build, make sure you get your copy...In case you didn't hear, Bigger Tits Badder Asses launches on October 1, 2020!  There's a lot that's going to be expanded on, so mark your place in line right now!

August 31, 2020...Here's a sneak peak at just a few of the new cards that are set to appear in Bigger Tits Badder Asses !  This expansion has been kinda fun to work on, and I'm psyched to hear what loyal game players think of it (all 4.3 of you...don't ask about the 0.3 part; it's complicated)...It's with a heavy heart that I announce that TERA: WarStorm Rising will be ending its run here.  En Masse Entertainment is closing their doors, meaning TERA is up for sale.  So, after lengthy advice from those in-the-know, the safest course for me would be to end it for now.  Now, that's not to say the game won't stage a comeback.  But, until I learn the fate of TERA as an MMO, I will be removing the game from the website on OCTOBER 1, 2020.  Maybe I'll get that WhoreZone comeback going (no, no I won't)!


August 25, 2020 It's Big Tits Bad Asses Day!

I posted some Foldies of sexy Nurses and Goth girls on the Big Tits Bad Asses page.  I'm hoping to learn who created them, to give proper credit.  I don't know what you can use them for, but I'm sure you'll be able to find something.  On a related note, Bigger Tits Badder Asses, the first official expansion pack for Sloppy 2nds Edition, is in the home stretch!  The game book is done, all that's left is work on the DOME cards, then give the whole thing a play-test run through to make sure it all lines up like I want it to.

August 10, 2020...Big Tits Bad Asses Sloppy 2nds now has an official cardlist; you can find it on the Big Tits Bad Asses page...Greetings From The Big Nada for the Gammarauders (et) RPG has slowed just a bit.  However, I'm still looking at a launch date sometime before Thanksgiving.  Also in the news, I've started tinkering with a special edition pack called Gammarauders: Monster Melee Mayhem!.  It's arena style battles in the Gammarauders world!  And, it works with both the Gammarauders Classic and the Gammarauders (et) RPG !  Updates coming soon.

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